E Ink Announced its Mobius Flexible Display

E Ink Announced its Mobius Flexible Display

E Ink Announced its Mobius Flexible Display.

Earlier this week, E Ink announced its Mobius flexible display, a 1.73-inch touch-enabled panel for smartwatches. Now, the new screen has made its way onto the Computex exhibition floor in Taipei. Sonostar, a local manufacturer, has integrated the 320 x 240 grayscale panel within its new wearable, which the company is demonstrating for show attendees. Simply called “Smartwatch,” the product is little more than a mockup at this point, but it is expected to hit production sometime in Q3 of this year.

The two samples on hand were non-functional, unfortunately, but they did each contain a working Mobius panel — one displayed a sample Facebook notification, while the second had the time and date with a small low-res picture of a dog, along with battery and Bluetooth indicators up top. The watch itself was very lightweight, and while glare was clearly an issue today, there’s plenty of time for engineers to tweak things before this ships later in the year. The Smartwatch, which can stay powered for up to a week with each charge, will come in both black and white, and should be compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Pricing is not yet set, but representatives did confirm that it’ll be coming to the US.

So far, most of the news coming out of the Computex 2013 trade show has been related to computers and processors, but wearable technology has been playing a significant part too. E Ink, the company which produces screens for e-readers such as the Amazon Kindle, has announced a small, 1.73-inch display, which will make its debut on a smartwatch at the end of this year. The watch, which was also revealed at the show, is the Sono Smart Watch produced by Sonostar.

E Ink’s 1.73-inch touchscreen display has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and can produce 16 levels of greyscale. Remember, this is E Ink, so there’s no full color option here. While this will be a drawback for some, the use of an E Ink screen does have several benefits, including low power consumption and improved legibility in sunlight. Also, as the screen is flexible, it means the watch face doesn’t have to be “flat,” and can curve to the shape of your wrist, making for a more attractive product.

The screen has been developed alongside Sonostar, and its watch is the first commercially available product to use it. As with most smartwatches, the Sono Smart Watch connects to either your iPhone or Android device using Bluetooth, and displays information on calls, messages, social networking updates, and emails. Music controls are also mentioned, but it’s not clear how this will work yet. Sonostar also talks about the watch’s ability to aid sportspeople, and it comes with a custom golf app called Golf Something, along with a running and cycling app called Strava.

The Sonostar Smart Watch is set to be released sometime after the summer, and has been priced at $180 for either a black or white model. It looks good too, at least in the renders, and not as chunky as the similarly equipped Pebble. As for E Ink’s screen, it’s a part of its recently introduced Mobius family, and the displays are more flexible, lighter and stronger than other models. E Ink has big plans to innovate beyond the e-reader market and hopes Mobius will help it do so, and if it can keep finding its way onto cool devices like the Sonostar smartwatch and the dual-screen Yotaphone, which we saw at Mobile World Congress earlier this year, it could well succeed.


  1. 11.73-inch flexible display
  2. 2Out of the box with flexible electronic paper display technology (EPD), mainly engineered for smartwatch and watch applications.
  3. 3A resolution of 320×240 pixels with 16 greyscale levels
  4. 4Display has a flexible substrate
  5. 5Sunlight readability and very low power usage

HTC One hits the market this March!

HTC’s new phone, HTC One is announced to hit the market this April. Coming along with a super-slim and futuristic design, it becomes a serious contestant for the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S4.

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It initially comes with a memory of 32 GB which is more than enough even if you were a movie maniac.It comes with a whooping 4GB of ram, a full HD 4.7 inches screen, this phone has it all! The price is still unknown but it is believed to be somewhere around 40 pounds for UK carriers.

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Nokia Lumia 928 Spotted in Leaked Pictures

Generally speaking, when you are seeing accessories for an as-yet-unannounced product on sale, you can count on seeing that product make its debut fairly soon.

Of course, we could also see these offerings disappear too, the result of a mistaken click of the webmaster or merchant getting set up for a future roll out.

The images from the merchant’s accessory offering (which by the way is not a terrible deal from the looks of it) have taken a Nokia Lumia 920 and placed it within a rendering of their hard cover case. We know this because the back of the device shows the 920’s double-LED flash while the cut-out shows ample room for something more (like a xenon flash).

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